Helping the small business owner deliver excellent quality services & products in today's dynamic marketplace. Minimizing the headache of administration has been my goal since first starting my career in business in 1984. Then the goals were much the same, to meld quality customer service with efficiency in the workplace.

Today, it is even more strategically important to deliver the highest quality at the lowest cost but delivered through different avenues. Throughout my years of experience mainly in service business management, I recognize the relationship between the delivery of quality customer service and the general environment of the company setting.

I have experienced the headaches of mismanaged businesses, through my own learning experiences and working with others and the long ardous task of putting it back on track. My desire is to prevent this for the entrepenuer starting out or the small business owner with less than desirable financial statements. Accounting is known as the language of business and it is extremely difficult to know what languauge a business is speaking without accurate and timely financial recordkeeping and interpretation of those records.

While entrepenuers do not enter the competitive arena solely for the associated financial reward, it is a result of hard work and can be obtained easier than not with the right guidance.

Advanced practical experience in Accounting, Operations Management and IT, combined with a degree from UNC Wilmington's Cameron School of Business in the same concentrations of study, makes my group the logical choice as a strategic management partner for the 21st century business owner.

The Lean methodologies I have employed are tried and true. My experience includes: Auto repair, Retail, Convenience Store, Restaurant, Personal Care, Healthcare, IT Repair, Construction, Service Businesses and Real Estate among others. I will improve customer service thus increasing sales of services and products as well as increased customer contact and the positive reputation of the business among peers and the community.

Barbara A. Losito, B.S.B.A