Information Technology

Are the backups secure? Are there backups? Is the software performing as expected? Are you overpaying for a subscription? There are cost effective ways that solve many different business needs. Let us help you navigate thru the land of technology. Networking to make necessary computer components available to all. C# & Visual Basic business programming as well as Sql database.


Can everyone who needs to, reach your network securely and easily? Cloud or no cloud? Is the cloud safe?

 Peace of Mind

Secure file backups - off & onsite! Are you getting all the pertinent updates for the software? Paying for unneeded updates?


What's the latest & greatest? Do you really need that? Apple or Windows? Laptop, desktop or surface?


 Software Set-up

Being able to use any software is important. We can present and give guidance as to the data needing captured and recommend cost effective ways to implement the capture.